Radiation Oncology Patient and Dr

Appointments for Radiation Oncology

A referral letter is required from your GP or specialist to make an appointment to see your Radiation Oncologist.

What to expect on your first appointment

Your first appointment with us generally takes 30 to 40 minutes. During this consultation we will need to assess how your condition is affecting you, all of your relevant test results, any health issues that may impact on your care and perform any necessary medical examinations. We will help you understand what it all means and discuss how your
condition should be best managed.

What to bring to your appointment at Brisbane Radiation Oncology

  • Any relevant X-rays, scans or other test results you may have and a list of your current medications and any health issues. We need to use all the information available to help make the best recommendations regarding your care.

  • A list of questions you may have for your oncologist.

  • A family member or friend – during difficult times it can be hard to remember all the details from consultations or questions you may have wanted to ask. A summary of your management plan and information packs on your treatment will be provided, however, two sets of ears are better than one.

  • A copy of your referral letter if it has not previously been sent through to our office.

  • Your Medicare card.

  • DVA and Health Fund cards/details.

Session Times for our Radiation Oncologists

Monday mornings
Monday afternoons
Tuesday mornings
Wednesday afternoons
Thursday mornings
8am - 12pm
1pm - 5pm
8am - 12pm
1pm - 5pm
8am - 12pm

Parking at Greenslopes Private Hospital

Greenslopes Private Hospital is situated only minutes from the Brisbane CBD. It is easily accessed via the South East Freeway or Logan Road.

Main visitor carpark - Entry via Main Entrance on Newdegate Street or via Nicholson Street

Orange carpark - Entry via Newdegate Street

For further information on Greenslopes Private Hospital and the location of Brisbane Radiation Oncology at the Cyril Gilbert Centre, please click here or refer to our Contact Page.